Welcome to Praajak

At Praajak we are committed to a child-centric approach, in which we follow the child, their needs and interests and respond to their needs immediately.

Child-centred approach implies recognising and making sure that the child is put first before anyone else. Every single person who works with children has a huge responsibility to look after the child and make sure that each child they come into contact with is safe. A child centred approach encourages every child to communicate and connect with people who look after them and works with them. They should offer them choices without interfering. A child centred approach is also beneficial for them to learn the correct skills they need to have/know.

As the approach is based around the child, it meets their individual needs and it doesn’t just benefit one child; it benefits all children because they are all different and will respond differently to certain approaches

This approach also puts the concept of child agency at the centre of all our direct interventions and advocacy. When children have a sense of agency, they are able to make choices and decisions to influence events, and to have an impact on their world. As children make meaningful decisions and choices about things which affect them, they begin to see themselves as competent, capable learners, as valuable and valued citizens within their families and communities. Developing a sense of agency in children means providing opportunities for children to make choices in their day to day life.

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