Welcome to Praajak

The word Praajak means charioteer, the one who guides and mentors.. We believe that we are enablers for the youth and the communities we work with to move ahead and forget their own pathways to empowerment

Our journey began in 1997 with a commitment to securing a better present and future for children and youth living in historically disadvantaged communities, in confined custodial milieus and those who find themselves surviving on their own. We work collectively with children and youth, the communities they live in, government and non- government actors to create a caring and protective environment for them. Drawing from the rights based approach; we support vulnerable children and youth in utilising their potential and agency.

We focus on child protection issues such as unsafe migration, child trafficking, child sexual abuse, early/child and forced marriages and child work and labour. We consistently engage with and challenge notions of masculinity and patriarchy. This has led to a growing body of work with boys and young men and supporting them in playing their part in creating a gender equitable society.

We prioritise processes of capacity building and participatory development.

We undertake direct implementation, systems strengthening and technical support, networking and advocacy.

International Partners